Our Team

Successful Chinese Exporter

OmaticTech is a Professional Chinese company specializing in e-bikes, Segways, and electric skateboards. We build, customize and adapt our designs to the needs of your market.

The company was originally formed by two Chinese university graduates who are both still fully involved in the business.


Before starting this business with her business partner Celia had 3 years experience shipping international cargo, so she’s completely familiar with sea and air shipping.
Useful skills that help us get great deals on shipping and makes it easier to control the shipping times and customs clearance.
Knowing exactly how customs work is vital when you’ve got a container, or part container, full of e-bikes to get back to your country! We have been successfully exporting from China to destinations all over the World for the past 10 years, so you can bet we’ve fallen foul of most of the issues you see as importers too! We’ve created great relationships with retailers across the globe and can point to many great sales over that time.
Eagle (Partner in Omatictech)
Celia’s partner in e-bike exporting is Eagle. And like Celia, Eagle went straight into export sales after leaving university.
He worked in an export company for a number of years while he learnt the ropes and then set-up his own export company before forming a successful partnership with Celia. While Eagle has other business interests in China his first passion is exporting and he’s fully committed to helping drive Omatictech forward with Celia.
With a wide knowledge of business and businesses Eagle ensures that what needs doing gets done and what needs deciding gets acted on!

Factory Quality Audits Ensure Great Products

We’ve applied our export/import expertise to build our export business for e-bikes, Segways and electric skateboards.

Because we’re based in China we can continually audit the quality of the factories we deal with. That means that if one factory’s quality dips we spot it and can switch orders to a factory whose quality is still outstanding.

We Guarantee Great Quality and Service

We take pride in our established business expertise that has allowed us to help our partners import the products we provide them. So at OmaticTech we guarantee our great quality and our service because we want to provide you with the best partner relationship for importing e-bikes to offer your target market.